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Does it sound interesting? I found it interesting too! Parlours and makeup artists take tons of time to do makeup. But have you ever thought of having a quick shot in makeup? That, too, in 5 minutes? Yeah, it is surprising! You can achieve a look in just 5 minute makeup tips, literally!! You don’t need much kits to accomplish that. And the most fun part, you won’t end up looking like a mess, instead might end up looking like a hot mess maybe?

Why you should follow this guide?

This guide will acknowledge about pretty cute 5 minute Makeup routine tips that help you on how to do your makeup perfectly. You’ll get to know what is appropriate and what is inappropriate that provided by the student of the top 10 largest makeup school in the world also, You’ll learn how to rock and roll in just easy 5 minute makeup. TakesTips.com also will help you to get a glance at your budget as well. Having a budget for makeup makes you economical. Makeup lovers love to spend thousands on makeup, actually, they do spend a lot. Making them economical is also a part of this guide.

5 Minutes Makeup Tips

Now I am assuring you that after reading about this, your eyes will on your eyebrows. It’s really exactly 5 minutes Makeup, and it will not take more than 5 minutes to complete the whole look. For those who aren’t on full glam, or more into minimal looks, TakesTips.com is here for theme. Also, you can find the awesome tips of five minute makeup for teenagers that your cousin are expected from you.

Most Common Question People Ask

What people look for 5 minutes Makeup?

People often search on Google for quick and easy makeup looks. Makeup is all about covering the visible flaws and presenting as a real-life doll. All kinds of makeovers are beautiful, but minimal 5 minute makeup get pretty in a hurry and brings out your natural beauty.

What is a good makeup routine?

To achieve that airbrushed look, you need to have good skin beforehand. A good makeup routine is basically enjoying doing a makeover according to choice. To have good makeup for beginners, first, take care of your skin. Our skin stays uncovered as we go out for our respective professions. UV range and scorching heat ruin our skin. To save your skin, follow the good makeup as well. Wash your face with face wash whenever you come home. Apply sunscreen while going out in the sun. Use a face pack to keep your skin clean and hydrated. Scrub your skin twice a week for removing extra dust. Always apply to moisturize in the time of following any type of skincare routine. Drink 5 liter water at least to have a clear skin. If your skin is good, your makeup will be good too. For the output you expect after applying makeup, it all depends on skincare. Try to maintain the above routine for good makeup. 

How can I make my makeup routine faster? 

It all depends on the look you’d like to do. If you want to go for a gorgeous look, it will take time. Usually, for party makeover, it takes a lot of time. There are types of things that make your makeup routine faster. Base makeup, eye makeup, full face, and lips are the basic steps of makeup, and try to apply to moisturize first to have a graceful base. Usually, we don’t get enough time to do a full glam up look on a daily basis. But it can be done faster if you follow 5 minute makeup for work and all. Hope the following steps will help you to achieve a faster routine. It all depends on practice. With practice, it becomes faster.

5 Minute Makeup Tutorial Infographic

5 Minute Makeup Tips [Infographic]

  • Start With Brows Within 1 Minute: Who loves messy eyebrow? Yeah right, nobody. Take a spooky and comb your brows to its shape. Draw it with a brow pencil. Clean the edges with a concealer.
  • Flawless Look Within 1 Minute 20 Sec:  For the face, prepare it with moisturizer first. Applying sunscreen. Apply primer before putting any heavy base. To hide the flaws use concealer, or leave it like that. To have a flawless look, apply a color corrector before using the concealer. Set everything with face powder.
  • Makes Your Eyes Look Alert Within 1 Minute:  Take a little eye makeup that makes you look pretty awesome. Don’t go for heavy eye makeup. Use one eyeshadow color only. For five minutes makeup, we suggest the brown or neutral colors go most with light base makeup.
  • Setting Up With Spray Within 40sec:  To finish it off, set it with setting spray. You can use a little blush and Highlighter if you want. Then set everything with setting spray to looks your natural beauty.
  • Juicy Lips Within 1 Minute:  Never forget to color your lips. Use something matte for day time. Matte Lipsticks are mostly smudge-free and waterproof. Matte lipstick stays all day long. Brown, maroon, or red matte Lipsticks will be perfect for 5 minutes Makeup.

While putting makeup make sure your beauty blender and brushes are cleaned. Dirty blender and brushes are enough to ruin your efforts

Pricing And Brands You Can Check

There are tons of brands of makeup. Every girl has a budget for makeup and from low end to high end all kinds of makeup brands are available in online marketplace. Choosing brands according to budget considered as wisest decision to take. All the makeup brands do frequently. You can buy more and more kits on discount sales or for extra savings. There are two hyped brand sections in makeup called High-end and drugstore brands. High-end brands are expensive enough than usual brands. Drugstore brands are comparatively cheaper than High-end. Also, there are few brands that launch dupe products of High-end brands so that you can enjoy the same thing at a lower price. If you can afford High-end it’s better to buy, but if you can’t, always take plan B. Let’s get introduced to some brands.

High-end brands: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Gucci, Charlotte Tilbury, Natasha Denona, Mac, Marc Jacobs, Versace, Dior, Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Too faced, etc. 

Drugstore Brands: Makeup Revolution, NYX, Nior, Sleek, Morphe, W7, Technic, Colour pop, wet n Wild, Elf, L’Oréal, etc. 

There are also few Chinese and Korean brands available too. You can avail of them through the giant online shops like Aliexpress, Amazon also any local online shop according to your location. Obviously, they have cheap and good products to buy. Also few of the brands are worth buying as well.

Final Word

5 minute makeup tips are all about time-consuming and a routine you can follow on a daily basis. But using too many products every day is harmful to your skin. To have good makeup every day, always keep your skin clean. Put off makeup after coming home immediately. Follow a perfect makeup removing routine. Having a perfect makeup removing routine leads you to achieve a healthy skin. After removing all the makeup, clean your face with a good face wash, and follow your daily skincare routine. Cause at the end of the day, you shine among all the stars. Be the shining one.

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